Building demolition

Buildings to be demolished are extremely diverse in their construction and positioning. They may be only sheds, houses or small commercial premises. They can be factories, large industrial plants or towering high rise buildings. The materials of which they’re made all require their own forms of treatment. Reinforced concrete, metal, bricks, blocks, stone and glass behave in different ways and have to be dealt with differently. Then there’s the surroundings. Demolition styles will be determined by whether buildings have plenty of space around them or are crowded with other buildings. There are also many other considerations. Public traffic in the vicinity is an issue. So are the slope of the site, presence of natural water or man-made water systems, gas lines and tanks, other explosive materials, dust, noise, utilities infrastructure, etc. Such a diversity of conditions calls for special people with a wide scope of knowledge and experience. That what we offer.

Special structures

There are some special structures often associated with buildings that require application of particular skills to demolish. These include:

What we do

Here is a list of just some of the things we can do in connection with building demolition:

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