Selective demolition

The great majority of demolition jobs are actually not the exciting spectacles of buildings exploding and falling down. Usually only some parts are to be demolished. This is because people's uses of built spaces is constantly changing. Also different types of structures age at different rates. A timber studio may degrade faster than a brick wall around it. Outside walls, fences, sheds, decks, pools or driveways may have to go to make space for something else. Renovation and remodelling are common for high wear areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens while the rest of a house need not change. When people renovate or extend houses or commercial premises, it often involves destroying and removing some part in order to reconstruct a new section. Or a building may be structurally sound and the right size for its next purpose. However the interior structures and fixtures may not be appropriate for that purpose. It will need to be stripped out to leave an empty shell. These are all situations where selective demolition comes into play. In the process of removing some structures, many difficulties can arise even on a small domestic job. Some examples are discovering that asbestos has been used in the building, or that cement or PVC pipes run underneath, or that the foundations have deteriorated. Selective demolition is no less skilled and detailed than pulling down tall buildings! Ask the ByFreddy team about the type of selective demolition you envisage doing.


Deconstruction is a special case of selective demolition. This is where the materials of the structure are valuable and can be reused. Therefore the purpose of the demolition is to ‘un-build’ the structure, a bit at a time, so that the materials can be recovered in good condition. The owner may want to sell them, use them to renovate the same or another part of the building in matching style, or to build something new with them. It has economical advantages, as well as easy supply. It is also a great thing to do environmentally, as it keeps useable building materials out of the landfill waste stream. Deconstruction can be of a whole building, a total interior stripout, a stripout of just one room, or the removal of one kind of fitting or material from the whole building.

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