Why demolish a swimming pool?

Why would you desire pool demolition? Here are some reasons you may want to remove your swimming pool:

How is a pool demolished?

What is your pool made of and how is it constructed? These determine the method of demolition. First you drain the pool. Then the demolisher drills holes in the bottom. After that the method depends on its construction.

Removing a prefabricated fibreglass pool is a simpler process. You just drain it, pull it out and take it away.

Demolishing a concrete or shotcrete inground pool that’s been built on a foundation of metal supports is a much more complex process.

First you will have to obtain a permit. Then the demolition must be professionally planned. The site work starts with draining and drilling holes in the bottom.

After that it can be done according to your budget and future plans by one of these methods:

What we do

We plan and work as efficiently as possible no matter how complex the job to minimise cost and time for you. We do:

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