High reach demolition

We can precisely reach and break up tall targets like upper stories with our high reach excavator. Even if another building is close or connected, we can take out the unwanted structure without damaging anything else.

Ground based tight spaces

There are many tight spaces that involve work at or near ground level. Examples include: between a house and a studio, shed, carport, brick wall, neighbouring building, swimming pool, etc. Commercial premises may have the same small gaps, with the addition of public infrastructure like roads, walls, traffic control measures, signage, drainage structures, etc.

Underground tight spaces

You may have to demolish structures underground, such as basements, cellars, flats, damaged plumbing and drains, etc. Those places require great skill and extra setup. The building above has to be protected, or even shored up.

Reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete is difficult enough to demolish and even more so in tight spaces. Expanding grout such as Expando is a great new tool for getting rid of reinforced concrete safely and effectively where there’s little room to move. Post-tensioned concrete also requires a lot of thought, planning and expertise in working out a method.

Like other forms of demolition, most tight space demolitions come with the option to deconstruct and recover valuable materials for sale, reuse or recycling. However you want to do it, our team fully assess your unique situation. We work out a plan for the demolition that won’t damage nearby buildings and structures. Then we choose the most suitable equipment for the job.

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